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Saturday, January 21


7:00am MST

8:00am MST

Mathematizing the World preschool/kinder THMS-T256Erin Turner • Caroline Carson • Tammy Nelson Talking in Math ClassFILLING THMS-T178Rosaline Williams • Melinda Hobbs [VIRTUAL] Empowering Students Through DiscourseFULL VirtualJulitha Rials • Shakiyya Bland [VIRTUAL] Got Tweaks? Instructional moves to make tasks more student-centered and cognitively demanding.FULL VirtualMarie O'Brien Collaborative Calculus: Ensuring contributions from ALL studentsFILLING THMS-T184Megan Alexander Experiences Before Explanations: Effective Mathematics InstructionFILLING THMS-T234Leigh Diebold • Debbie Black • Carrie Burdon [VIRTUAL] Blocking in AP Statistics VirtualJosh Tabor [VIRTUAL] Creating Collaborative ClassroomsFULL Virtualashley Boyd • Joel Miller CPM • CPM Educational Program • CPM Educational Program Everyone Loves Garden Math: Designing and Planting Your Own School Garden Meet In T180 - then walk to THMS GardenCarly Pierson • Pilar Muller Building Thinking Classrooms- GETTING STARTED!FILLING THMS-T270Janelle Chisholm Capitalizing on Building Thinking Classrooms: A Teacher’s Lightning in a BottleFILLING THMS-T245Cynthia Anhalt • Elliot Beck Fostering a Thinking Classroom THMS-T378Aiyana Smith • elaine garcia Fraction Sense Trajectory meets Thin Slicing: A Powerful Tool for Instruction  THMS-T379Jennifer Dwosh • Elisabeth Bankhead Math is life not just a subject in school, do your students THINK so?  THMS-T376Shy Schroder • Kelli Barton • Karimy Bryson The Nepohualtzintzin: Hands-On With The Mesoamerican Calculator THMS-T252C. Billy Campbell Transfer any Math Lesson into a Thinking Task THMS-T375Janet Acree [VIRTUAL] How Lesson Study Changes Teaching VirtualEmily Whittington • Nancy Turner • Cheri Newton [VIRTUAL] Technical Reading: A 4 step problem solving process VirtualDr, Jennie Bennett • Lauren Moseley Math Movement Magic: Using Movement & Coding Concepts in the K-2 Classroom THMS-T265Allison Davis “Shaping” Financial Math Skills Using Geometry THMS-T179Amee Legarra • Julia Wright • Robin Palmer [VIRTUAL] Onward Resilience in the Math Classroom VirtualEllen Floyd Co-Teaching Models, Making It Work THMS-T171Donald Willoughby • Mary Beth Cristian [VIRTUAL] What in the World is Dyscalculia?FILLING VirtualDr. Honora Wall Uncovering the Joy of Math: It’s Not What You Think THMS-T258Brandon Smith 6 Amazing Ways to Connect Math Representations: Practical Use-It-Tomorrow StrategiesFILLING THMS-T244Kim Rimbey Algebra Tiles: Building Conceptual Understanding of Expressions and Equations THMS-T367Sara Thompson • CPM Educational Program • CPM Educational Program AP Precalculus: Why? What? Who For? THMS-T181Deb Hughes Hallett Let’s Play! Dot to dot, number to number, concept to concept.  THMS-T182Shawn Hedayati • Rebeka Denson Moving Away From Point-Land and Into Assessing Performance Using Rubrics THMS-T241Matt Collins No Rhyme, Just Reason: Rounding Like You’ve Never Seen Before! THMS-T374Lochani Senia • Edna Vi Cole [VIRTUAL] El Hermano de Fractions. Uncovering Fractions Through Pattern Blocks VirtualCarlos Acevedo [VIRTUAL] Exploring circle circumference: Building pedagogical content knowledge through mathematical content VirtualLino Guajardo • Mai Bui [VIRTUAL] The Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching Could be YOU! VirtualDebbie Gordon [VIRTUAL] Using Questioning to Increase Rigor in Kindergarten VirtualAgi Post • Erika Johnson Helping Students Make Sense of Proportional Relationships THMS-T183Eboney McKinney • Laurel Cherry • Marisa Tualla Promoting Data Literacy: Reaching every student every time THMS-T248Dr. Charles Collingwood • Blais Cross STEM: From Beginning to End, Mathematics is Everywhere!  THMS-T165Betty Gasque • Judy Hicks • Pareesa Schulte • Pareesa Schulte The Edison, Angles, and Fun THMS-T172Niki Tilicki [VIRTUAL] Enticing your students in data driven discovery using CODAP VirtualJoe Watkins • Angela Marquez

9:20am MST

The Math Education Questions We Aren't Asking But Should BeFILLING THMS-T258Brandon Smith From Math Problems to Playing With Words: Academic Language in Math Classrooms THMS-T172Kerri Zitar • Mei Asad Side-by-Side Math in the Whole- and Small-Group Settings: Ensuring Transfer From Manipulatives to Paper-Pencil RepresentationsFULL THMS-T244Kim Rimbey Blocking in AP Statistics THMS-T241Josh Tabor [VIRTUAL] Patterns with Purpose: Using Multiple Representations to Make Connections in Algebra with linear relationshipsFILLING VirtualBecki Saunders • Cheryl Tucker • CPM Educational Program • CPM Educational Program Greenhouse Seed Project: 4-H Preparing the next generation of STEM innovators THMS-T256Jose Fonseca • Andres Astra • Gerardo U. Lopez Building a Thinking Classroom at the Elementary LevelFILLING THMS-T264Annette Rouleau Creating Collaborative ClassroomsFILLING THMS-T362Joel Miller CPM • CPM Educational Program • CPM Educational Program How Lesson Study Changes Teaching THMS-T245Emily Whittington • Nancy Turner • Cheri Newton Integrating Thinking into Investigations THMS-T377Hanne Andersen • Luci Vasquez [VIRTUAL] BTC - An Introduction into a Thinking ClassroomFILLING VirtualStephen Marley • Briana Havrilla • Sarah Perrone Teaching Math with Data Science THMS-T171Emmanuel Schanzer [VIRTUAL] Math Movement Magic: Using Movement & Coding Concepts in the K-2 ClassroomFULL VirtualAllison Davis Math and ELA: A Perfect Partnership to Teach Money Skills THMS-T376Megan Knueppel • Robin Palmer Building Math Communities with Non-Curricular Tasks THMS-T378Jennifer Dwosh • Megan Thill LEGO Your Bias THMS-T182Manny Leon • Bill Pike • Rudy McCormick Literacy and Math Intertwined: Using Poetry to Engage All Learners THMS-T184Sandra Figueroa • Robert Hilliker • Jenifer Fernandez Positive Regard - Problem Behaviors = Calculus to Student Success! THMS-T178Eve Shepherd [VIRTUAL] Mathematics and Visual Impairments VirtualTasnim Alshuli Juntos-Together: Powerful practices for connecting family/community and the math classroom  THMS-T242Maura Varley Gutierrez • Lizbeth Alvarez • Sandra Toledo • Fany Salazar Mathematical Modeling with Relevant Community Contexts THMS-T367Delia Sotelo • Erin Turner [VIRTUAL] Picture Perfect Math: Letting Your Community Inspire You VirtualJolene Horn • Nancy Casagrande Building Fraction Sense with Manipulatives THMS-T252Liesl Scheffel Developing Esti-Sense: Beyond Basic Estimation THMS-T379Elisabeth Bankhead Gamified Interactive Review Grades 9-12 THMS-T234April Armstrong • Erika Jung Hopping Around Math Modeling THMS-T165Betty Gasque • Judy Hicks • Pareesa Schulte • Pareesa Schulte Playing With Percentages THMS-T270Janelle Chisholm Telephone! Engage students while having fun!  THMS-T374Sarah Dennison • Kristin Marie DeYoung The Why and How of Powerful Math Centers in Middle School FULL THMS-T265Suzi Mast [VIRTUAL] Algebra Tiles + Area Model = Conceptual Understanding VirtualAstrida Lizins • Rhonda Pierre • CPM Educational Program • CPM Educational Program [VIRTUAL] AP Precalculus: Why? What? Who For? VirtualDeb Hughes Hallett [VIRTUAL] Disappearing x: where did my variable go?  VirtualAlison Mirin • Jodi Frost [VIRTUAL] Intro to Equitable Grading VirtualJen Kinser-Traut [VIRTUAL] Young Mathematicians: STEAM Skills for Success VirtualLindsey Herlehy [VIRTUAL] ¿Por qué Decimals? Modeling decimal numbers with base-10 blocks VirtualCarlos Acevedo • Anthony Tucci ELP's + SMP's = Student Success in the Math Classroom THMS-T183Eboney McKinney • Laurel Cherry • Marisa Tualla Get your students talking with Instructional Routines THMS-T375Veronica Carlson • Kim Thomas • Pareesa Schulte • Pareesa Schulte How Many Ways Can You Solve a Quadratic Equation Visually? THMS-T179Martin Flashman [VIRTUAL] ALEKS + Instruction = Math Mastery VirtualJen Sims • Katherine Talley Matt • McGraw Hill • McGraw Hill

10:40am MST

Let's Build It! Using data for student exploration THMS-T252Emilie Puig-Mendez • Nadia Orozco • Steven Brown [VIRTUAL] Create an Environment to Support Independent LearnersFILLING VirtualBrianna Ruiz • Danielle Boggs • CPM Educational Program • CPM Educational Program [VIRTUAL] Mic Check, One, Two: Is This Feedback Working?FULL VirtualBrandon Smith Cancel “Cancel Culture” with Algebra Tiles THMS-T184Robert Hilliker • Jenifer Fernandez Exploring Number Operations Through Algebraic Thinking THMS-T234TAIK KIM It's Graphing NOT Graffiti or Chalking up the Campus Concrete THMS-T242Benjamin Millard Strictly Speaking: Ratios THMS-T179Amee Legarra Culturally Responsive Teaching Strategies that Create an Environment to Support Independent Learners.FILLING THMS-T362Joel Miller CPM • CPM Educational Program • CPM Educational Program Rich Tasks to Increase EngagementFULL THMS-T178Jillian Powers • Michaele Pepe • MARTA HERRERA Take your store bought curriculum and spice it up! THMS-T245Kate Goodall • Wendy Towery-Stove Three-Act Math Tasks - Create a Collaborative, Engaging, Thinking ClassroomFULL THMS-T377Jigar Mehta UDL: Personal restaurant menus with endless math engagement  THMS-T183Andrea (Andy) Rickard • Deirdre Calhoun [VIRTUAL] Connecting Fraction Concepts VirtualCora Varas-Nelson • Lee Roop [VIRTUAL] Math and Art of Connecting the Dots.FULL VirtualMadhuri Bapat [VIRTUAL] Teaching Math with Data ScienceFILLING VirtualEmmanuel Schanzer Math Makes Me Emotional! THMS-T171Edna Parra • Lyndi Ramos Trauma-Informed Math Instruction THMS-T270Janelle Chisholm Mathematics and Visual Impairments THMS-T180Tasnim Alshuli Building a Joyful Math Community in your ClassroomFILLING THMS-T264Annette Rouleau Books, Stories, Tales, and Problem Solving in the K-2 Math Classroom THMS-T376Nancy Casagrande Build a Perch for Harry: Using Engineering Design Challenges in PreK-2 Math Class  THMS-T172Kerri Zitar • Lisa King Composition Books Aren't Just for Science Classes! THMS-T265Gretchen Stickney • Kaydee Hoff Conceptual Strategies for Multiplication and Division THMS-T379OMAR VALENCIA • Beatriz Santa Cruz Engaging All Learners in Creative Problem Solving by Making Connections to Context THMS-T269Agi Post • Carla Arvizu Forget the FOIL: Using Area Models from Dot talks to Polynomials THMS-T378Aiyana Smith Getting Your Math Leadership Hands Dirty THMS-T374Kristin Reidy • Sarah Dennison • Jen Hendrickson • Tawyna Caldwell Growing Mathletes: Math, Growth Mindset and Sports THMS-T258Erin Turner • Christina Baze • Ricardo Valerdi • Sanlyn Buxner Intro to Equitable Grading THMS-T256Jen Kinser-Traut Patterns with a Purpose: Using Multiple Representations to Make Connections in Algebra with Linear Relationships THMS-T367Sara Thompson • CPM Educational Program • CPM Educational Program [VIRTUAL] Making Middle School Math Come Alive with Manipulatives, Games and ActivitiesFULL VirtualJeremiah Morgan • Nicole Goerges • CPM Educational Program • CPM Educational Program [VIRTUAL] The ABCs of Small Group Instruction: A Focus on Instructional Frameworks and Content SelectionFULL VirtualKim Rimbey [VIRTUAL] Which One Doesn't Belong? VirtualKristin Grow ALEKS + Instruction = Math Mastery THMS-T248Jen Sims • Katherine Talley Matt • McGraw Hill • McGraw Hill FUN With Trigonometric Identities- The Sum and Difference Formulas THMS-T241Bruce MacMillan How Do I Love Math? Let Me Count the Ways!  THMS-T165Betty Gasque • Judy Hicks • Pareesa Schulte • Pareesa Schulte Run Through a Field of Slopes THMS-T375Veronica Carlson • Kim Thomas • Pareesa Schulte • Pareesa Schulte [VIRTUAL] Promoting Data Literacy: Reaching every student every time VirtualDr. Charles Collingwood • Blais Cross [VIRTUAL] Understanding Trends in School Discipline using CODAP with real data VirtualAnthony Fernandes • Ksenija Simic-Muller • Travis Weiland • Anita Sundrani

12:15pm MST


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